Carolyn Kay's Watercolors

Carolyn Kay's Watercolors

My works are nonrepresentational or abstract on Arches 140 lb cold pressed paper in natural white. Most are 15" x 22" approximately. Cold pressed natural paper gives the final painting a soft, slightly textured finish. The watercolor paint is from major manufactures like Lukas or Winsor Newton and is rated colorfast.

Each painting is an original work. Most are sold unframed. The price of a framed work reflects the costs of Plexiglas, matting and frame.

Most of my work falls into the following categories: seascapes, landscapes, cityscapes, iconic buildings, Manzanar paintings, or a broad category of botanicals such as fruits, vegetables or flowers. You also may come across a critter or two. Beware of elephants.

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Carolyn Kay

About Me

I spent much of my career as a software engineer, but now have graduated to something challenging, but also creative and fun - watercolor painting.

My instructor is Woody Hansen of Sacramento who teaches design and color theory in a classroom setting rather than only teaching technique.

I've also been influenced by workshops with Frank Webb, Tony Couch,  Dale Latinen. As well as the works and books of Milford Zornes, Phil Dike, George Post, Rex Brandt who was a founder of the California School and Ed Whitney who taught a few of the artists listed here.

I can't forget the influence of all the great artists who attend the Henry Fukuhara Workshop at Manzanar each spring. Each of the demonstrators have been generous with their time and expertise and given me valuable skills. Those who attend and teach year after year like Al Setton, Dan Dickman, Phyl Doyon and Ron Librect have given me inspiration as well.

Please see the GALLERY to view all my original watercolors


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